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Insane Comment Spam

If anyone knows of a good comment spam killer, please let me know by e-mail. I am probably going to disable comments until I can figure out what to do about it. Akismet is not working anymore.

Avoid TigerDirect

I just got this in from my friend Josh. Somewhat surprising that a major online retailer would try to pull this stuff. I think I’ll stick with NewEgg when I need tech gear.

I recently purchased a Motorola H700 Bluetooth Headset from one of our favorite retail venues, Bestbuy. I paid full retail price, $124.99 for the H700. It’s a little expensive but I just got tired of the Jabra ($79.99) headset underperforming so I decided to upgrade. After purchasing the H700 I found out that TigerDirect.com had the H700 for $54.99 so I decided to buy one from there and return the one to Bestbuy. All totaled, I paid $71.00 with 2nd shipping from TigerDirect.com. I was very happy to save the $55. Today I received the new one from Tigerdirect and immediately, I noticed that the package was different. The one from BB had to be cut open with a knife (its that hard plastic bubble type package) and the one from TD opened up like a clamshell (no knife, just snapped apart). As soon as that happened, I got curious and began comparing the two packages directly.

To make a long story short, I determined that the product from TD was a knock off. The quick start guide was a different color; the pictures in it were pixilated and blurry. The user manual was cut wrong, the cardboard packaging that shows thru the clear plastic bubble was all pixilated and the colors were off…after a closer look, even the Motorola M circular logo was misprinted.

I called TD and explained to them that they were selling counterfeit products and that I wasn’t paying for it or the shipping. They of course denied the facts but did agree to cough up the total cost, shipping included.

I sent it back and I’m not buying from them ever again.

Been a while…

Well, I’ve not really spent any time on this site recently, but I’ll try to come back soon. I’ve been pretty busy with a number of things, but I’m sure my superior procrastination abilities will bring me back.

I’ll try to update soon. The recent Brand-X and Grokster decisions by the Supreme Court were surprising. More soon.


I made the switch to WordPress this evening, after thinking about making the switch for a while. We’ll see how things go, but I definitely like it better so far. Thanks to Chris — I used the tips he mentioned about his conversion so I could import all of my old posts.

I’ll probably be playing around a bit with the formatting and theme stuff over the next few days. We’ll see.

UPDATE: Apparently, any links I had in the title bar of the posts from b2evolution are gone now. Also, I can’t setup the Permalinks like I want to because it didn’t import the post titles correctly. ::sigh::

So, basically, there’s a lot broken. I’ll work on fixing it, but there’s 100 posts to comb through, and I tend to get lazy quickly. I’ll work on it eventually.

6 lb. Cheeseburger?!


Would you like fries with that?


A 6 lb. Burger. Where’s the beef? It’s at a Pennsylvania pub that serves the world’s biggest burger � weighing in at NINE lip-smacking pounds! That’s no whopper � you can actually get this meat monster for $23.95, loaded with all the fixings: Two whole tomatoes, a half-head of lettuce, 12 slices of American cheese, a full cup of peppers, two entire onions, plus, a river of mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard.


I’ve been using FastMail for IMAP e-mail service since around September/October, and I’ve been very impressed. I had been using Fusemail, which has a few more features, but was having downtime issues and was losing my e-mail constantly, so I decided to switch. I read lots of good things about FastMail online, and I have had nothing but luck since switching.

FastMail is a bit more expensive than Fusemail when you factor in all of the domains I have and the 2 GB of storage space I need. But, I think it is well worth it. FastMail is really, really fast. They also offer a free service that will allow you to try before you buy, which makes the decision that much easier.

FastMail also has three diverse MX servers for e-mail, so if one has trouble, the others pick up the load. Very nice for me, since I have control over my DNS records and can utilize them.

If you like reliable e-mail service, check them out. It’s really worth it.



I’ve been utilizing the services of EveryDNS for quite some time now, and have found them to be extremely reliable. I would highly recommend checking them out for primary or secondary DNS services. They have four DNS servers spread out over the world, and best of all, their services are totally free! They do request donations to help defer the costs of operation, and I think that a donation is well worth the quality of service they provide.