SuperMicro SuperServer 6018R-MT / X10DRL-i

My company recently purchased a SuperMicro SuperServer 6018R-MT which contains a X10DRL-i motherboard.  The BMC in the server would not work after configuring the IP address, despite upgrading the BMC firmware.  The server came from the factory installed with version 1.50, and we updated to the latest version from the SuperMicro website (which was 1.64).  We originally thought that it could be related to the BMC now running on a 1 Gbps port instead of the 100 Mbps port speed of previous SuperMicro BMCs.  We tried different switch ports, switches, Ethernet cables, switch port settings, and lots of other things in an attempt to get it working.  After a few frustrating hours, we plugged a laptop directly into the BMC port, configured the Ethernet port of the laptop to an IP address in the same subnet as the BMC, and to our surprise we were able to get to the web interface!  It seems that the gateway address was not being sent from the BIOS to the BMC.  After manually setting the gateway address through the web interface, we were able to access the BMC with no issues.  Another alternative is to use the ipmicfg utility available from SuperMicro’s website.

I thought I’d post this in case anyone else runs into issues with this specific system/motherboard.  Hopefully it saves you some time!

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