Intel DG41WV Motherboard = fail

Well, after a long break, I’m going to start posting again. 🙂

We purchased some Intel DG41WV LGA775 Motherboards back about August 2011 because they supported DDR3 RAM, which is significantly cheaper than DDR2 RAM. We had a few systems that customers wanted to upgrade to 8 GB RAM, and the old motherboards only supported 4 GB.

We had some weird issues getting them up and running, but now that they are in service, most of them seem to run without issues. However, one of the boards is having major issues running XenServer 6/5.6, so we went to see if there was a new BIOS update.

SURPRISE – Intel and NewEgg both have lowered the maximum supported RAM to 4 GB. Wow. How can you change the maximum supported RAM after the fact?

This might spell the end for our purchase of Intel motherboards.

We recently purchased a number of Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2PT and they work flawlessly. We’ll probably purchase some more and throw the Intel boards on eBay.

I’m very disappointed in Intel and NewEgg. We would not have purchased these boards if they stated that they only supported 4 GB when we initially purchased them.