Termination of RegisterFly.com Registrar Accreditation

ICANN has terminated RegisterFly’s Registrar Accreditation. After all of the recent controversy surrounding RegisterFly, I’m not surprised. It will be interesting to see what happens now — it sounds like RegisterFly may be forced to transfer customer domains in bulk to another registrar. If that happens, will RegisterFly get any kind of compensation? Watching this story play out could prove to be very interesting.

RHEL 5 out today

Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5, at long last, was released today. This release is based roughly on Fedora Core 6, which is a huge update from RHEL v4 (which was based off of FC3). I look forward to installing CentOS 5 when it is released in about two weeks.

One other thing worth noting — The Fedora Project recently started Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) which looks to add a new repository for RHEL/CentOS/etc users who are looking for packages that are not included with RHEL but are available in Fedora. This will bridge a gap between Fedora and RHEL.

Good job, Red Hat!