Verizon Wireless settles class-action lawsuit regarding Motorola V710

Verizon Wireless has decided to settle the class-action lawsuit against them about the Motorola V710 and how Verizon crippled the Bluetooth functionality of the phone. Basically what it boils down to is if you have a V710, you can keep your phone and get a $25 credit on your bill. If you have a V710 and want to turn it back in, you can get a refund for the phone and any accessories, and even cancel your contract with no penalty if you choose to do so. One catch: you had to activate on or before January 31, 2005. Since this is a court in California, I’m not sure if it applies anywhere other than California. If it does, I’d sure take up their offer to get a refund and get a new phone. You really can’t lose – there are newer, better phones out now.

BitTorrent gets $8.75M from venture-capital firm

BitTorrent has received $8.75 million from a venture capital firm. Their goal is to make the BitTorrent technology attractive to Hollywood and legitimize their business. Many have viewed BitTorrent as a program that promotes piracy, but BitTorrent is very useful in the distribution of legitimate content without the large bandwidth cost of offering that content for direct download. I’ll be very interested to see what direction they take. I hope BitTorrent doesn’t become some kind of ad-supported spyware nightmare.

I always figured BitTorrent would be acquired by Google. Maybe someday it will be.

Samsung 16 GB NAND Flash

Samsung predicts the death of hard drives with their newest release of 16 GB Flash. I agree, and I can’t wait. Hard drives have gotten a lot more reliable in recent years, but things will be so much better – especially in the server world – when we all use flash memory for storage. If Samsung wants to send me a sample to play with, I’d be very happy to accept one!