SUSE 9.2 Live DVD

I downloaded and burned the SUSE 9.2 Live DVD yesterday and ran it on my laptop. For a live distro, it ran fairly well. I was disappointed by the older versions of programs – like gaim 0.82.1 and Firefox 0.10. Everything ran fairly smoothly after some configuration. My wireless card was not functional, and Microsoft TrueType fonts were not included. The only e-mail client that was included in KDE was kmail, and I’m not a big fan. It did detect my USB Samsung ML-1710 printer and my Mobile Radeon video card without any intervention. Using my Viewsonic VG800b external LCD, I was able to run at 1280×1024 with no problems. In fact, you might call the picture pretty, as SUSE is known to be.

For anyone looking to have access to Linux without making the commitment of a hard drive partition, I recommend checking this out. I didn’t spend a lot of time playing with it, mostly because it didn’t detect my wireless card, but I would imagine there is a lot of good stuff that I didn’t see. If anyone has a copy of SUSE 9.2 Professional they want to lend me to review, I’d definately be appreciative. 🙂


Triton PCS Announces Agreement to Acquire Urban Comm

BERWYN, Pa., Oct. 28 — Triton PCS Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: TPC) announced today that it has finalized the terms of a proposed stock purchase agreement to acquire Urban Comm – North Carolina, Inc. (“Urban”), subject to government approvals and an order by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court granting authorization to enter into this agreement. Under this proposed agreement, Triton PCS will acquire the outstanding stock of Urban, whose assets include FCC wireless licenses in 20 Basic Trading Areas (“BTAs”) for $113.0 million in cash.

SunCom is positioning itself even more through this deal to be an attractive takeover target for T-Mobile USA. I really hope T-Mobile does it soon, because T-Mobile needs the spectrum in the Carolinas to be competitive with the new Cingular.


FCC Approves Cingular’s AT&T Wireless Bid

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission said on Tuesday it has conditionally approved Cingular Wireless’ $41 billion acquisition of AT&T Wireless Services Inc., clearing the last big hurdle for the deal.

The FCC said it voted to clear the deal on the condition, among others, that the companies sell AT&T Wireless operating units and associated airwaves in 16 markets. It also required them to sell 10 megahertz of airwaves in Dallas and Detroit.

The announcement follows clearance by U.S. antitrust authorities on Monday, who required the companies to sell assets in 13 markets in 11 states. Cingular is a joint venture of BellSouth Corp. and SBC Communications Inc.

A bad day for the consumer. However, I don’t think AT&T Wireless had the management to go it alone. It will be interesting to see how the merged entity ends up performing.


Microsoft’s Worst Nightmare

Firefox, a free open-source browser that loads twice as fast as Internet Explorer, has already been downloaded 2.7 million times, and it has siphoned off nearly 2 percent of Microsoft’s browser market share, now at 93.7 percent. Along the way, Firefox is fast becoming the browser of choice for anyone fed up with all the nasty things polluting the Web (pop-ups and viruses and spyware, oh my!). Google (GOOG) is rumored to be building its own browser based on the Firefox framework, and entrepreneurs are churning out hundreds of microprograms for it (see “The Spawn of Firefox,” below). A minister in Kentucky is even exhorting his flock to switch to Firefox because it blocks those pesky Viagra ads.

This is an article that was in this month’s issue of Business 2.0 magazine. If you haven’t already, please download Firefox. You’ll be glad you did.


gaim 1.0.2 released

Well, gaim 1.0.2 has been released!

Here’s the changelog:

version 1.0.2 (10/19/2004):
Bug Fixes:
* MSN file transfers work on big endian machines (Jean-Francois Roy and Evan Schoenberg)
* Fixed the MSN signon crash with Miranda users in the buddy list
* Fixed sending messages to MSN Web Messenger users (Damien Ayers)
* Fixed some memory leaks in the MSN plugin (Evan Schoenberg)
* Fixed a crash viewing certain MSN user profiles (Evan Schoenberg)
* Fixed a crash sending a file on MSN when the file is unreadable
* Fixed a crash deleting accounts (Andrew Hart)
* Fixed a crash inviting to chats (Andrew Hart)
* Fixed a bug in Yahoo privacy handling (Peter Lawler)
* Fixed a crash trying to join a chat from the docklet when not signed in to a chat-capable account (Daniel Atallah)

Looks like it was mostly a security update. You heard it here first! 🙂